Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lausanne 20Km test run

Well  running is quite topical today.  It is of course the day of the London Marathon 2012 .  But we have been concentrating on the Lausanne 20Km instead.

I can predict with 100% confidence a mediocre to poor running time at least for Marcus in the forthcoming 20Km Lausanne run, which by the way is April 28th.

This is due to multiple reasons including overweight, and a potentially serious injury or two preventing pain free running.

Therefore, in order to narrow the gap Agata planned for a weekend 20Km preparation around the actual course that we plan to run in a weeks time. 

2.5 hours later we finished.  Slow but sure that's what I say.

So, how is it looking for April 28th?

  • The weather is planned to be > 20 degrees.  Lausanne heatwave!
  • We might run to the start  (from home)!
  • Just like last year the Adult 20Km starts at 18.10,  really a crap time to start
  • Marcus will really try to take it easy, pains will remind him of that constantly
  • The route and the music are already planned!

The best we can say is that weekend we also managed 120 music filled lengths (3Km) of the Mon Repos pool this Sunday Afternoon.   So we are getting prepared for a Summer Exercise season, just not running!