Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finis SwiMP3 2G music player

The Finis SwiMP3 2G player is quite difficult to find, however in my humble opinion it is the finest underwater, waterproof MP3 player available today.

Until now I had been using the SwiMP3 1G Player   (blue and white) but suddenly it only plays whilst connected to a computer, else it's as dead as a dodo.  

Hence the urgent order, since silent swimming during the last week has been as I remembered it pre MP3 swimming .... boring as hell!

So how is the new player?

  • Essentially just like the older 1G Byte capacity player, but this one has a 2G Byte capacity and is coloured black and yellow


  • The waterproof protective rubber cab is now attached to the player and the cap and the cord is significantly more rubbery.
  • As before, there are 4 controls ON/OFF, reset,  track forward/volume up,  track backward/volume down
  • It is still difficult to turn ON player.  You have to hold the ON/OFF button, but holding it for too long turns it ON then OFF again!
  • In the picture the SwiMP3 2G CE writing is over a clip which can go through the strap of swimming goggles.

    For me this is too fiddly and its more effective and easier to tuck the player inside a swim cap
  • The 2G Byte music capacity is plenty large enough for swimming.  In fact the old player of 1GB was too big! A simple drag and drop of .mp3 files to player 'disk' whilst USB connected suffices.
  • The player charges via USB connection, a red flashing light which becomes constant when charged.

So I have just made the first of what I hope of many more swims using the new player.   I celebrated the returned to sound with an Amazon purchase of Faithless - Passing the Baton.  Sounded great!

Finis SwiMP3 player 2G
SwiMP3 from  fast delivery for CH!
Finis SwiMP3 player 1G review
Finis SwiMP3 player 2G support    manual  buttons