Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yurbuds What big ears you have

The quest for the ultimate sports headphones continues.  Today I am reviewing my attempt to reach headphone nirvana

50USD and 2 weeks later a somewhat huge box arrived.  Ah well no chance of any damage, I just hope that I don't get a Swiss Customs duty letter in a few days  (normally 15CHF + 8%)  which would bring the total cost of the purchase to about  70 USD :-(

Anyway in the box are the headphones, a small rather cheap zip pouch, and some replacement red buds (Large) to replace the Medium ones that come fitted.

First impressions? These headphone are flippin enormous!  I mean my ears got scared just attempting to insert them, and, I have large ears.

Second impressions?  Yes Agata confirmed it was not just me, they are large, large large.  Are Americans a race of enormous eared people  :-)

So, it has now been a few days and I have the full picture

  • +They definitely don't fall out ever!   You insert them (see this video) then twist them into position
  • -The red colour, well a bit ostentatious.  I would prefer neutral black
  • =The cord  has a woven exterior, in the 1970's you could get electrical wires like these.  Quite nice.
  • - Sound quality against my Sony MDR-EX32LP is inferior.
  • - There is no tie, to pull the cords together. The Y part is 45 cm's in length and that tends to flap around without a tie
  • --- If you wear a hat or helmet then the pressure onto the <huge> earphones could be an issue:
To explain.  Cyclists wear helmets  (its law in Switzerland and you'd be an idiot without one).   In cold weather you might also wear a thermal hat.

On a snowboard you would be advised to wear a helmet

Any of the above press from the outside onto the headphone and for me mean cause discomfort or even pain if worn for anything more than 30 minutes.

  • The size issue has had me searching for more tiny Sony earphones.  I just ordered some  Sony MDR-EX50LP since the current Sony MDR-EX32LP are so fantastic

Overall, I will try them for a while longer but I just don't see any advantages over my Sony's.

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