Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whither the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio as explained by Wikipedia and others is an irrational mathematical constant coming out at about 1.618

It is commonly explained this ratio is believed to be aesthetically pleasing and in architecture and design one common idea is to keep your designs close to that ratio.

So we have been conducting a small random survey of potential new cars to see which if any satisfy this criteria.

If you click to enhance you'll find that the Corvette comes closest to the Golden Ratio, however some or all of the above violate our ideas regarding minimalism and balance. A 7 litre (and OHV technology !!) Engine in the Chevrolet Corvette seems like folly in these economical times.

However if Marcus's new contract does come to fruition it is too far to cycle daily even on a fine sunny day, so something has to be done. Choosing a car that is both aesthetically pleasing and fairly economical would seem to be the way forward.

Watch this space.