Friday, May 07, 2010

The power of two

A tale of 2 triathlons ... one mini and one Olympic at the world renowned Club La Santa

Our luxury apartment complete with Cesar Manrique decorations. It's so nice to have my bicycle back in the apartment just like student days.

After our 3G Sim failed to work in the mifi router (shown left), Agata starts to put the 3G SIM into her 1G iPhone and then realises her error!

Agata relaxes by the pool

Marcus modifies his seat and bars position to enable him to actually reach the handlebars. The cycle top tube of this rental bike is too long for me!

Depressingly we find the Philadelphia cheese selection in Lanzarote (off the coast of West Africa) is better than back home in Switzerland.

Extensive el Grifo wine testing is in progress

We received a lecture on nutrition and a free bag of SIS gels and powders. Luckily SIS is our favourite sports food, yet unavailable in Switzerland. We will be stocking up!

Dan, Caroline, Chris and Nicolaus

Marcus and Agata before the mini triathlon

Simon limbers down

Wetsuit training session with Jo Lewis

Trace finishes mini triathlon

Agata finishes mini tri

Takka finishes mini triathlon

Sue finishes the mini triathlon

Mary finishes the mini Triathlon

(A fuller list of mini tri photographs is available in the high resolution Picasa album)

Marcus starts and continues the post mini triathlon drinking

Tanja Slater and Phil Price

The 3 princesses

Buoy setup on the lake for the Volcano Triathlon

Saturday morning and it is Transition setup

We start the swim and there seems to be an element of walking (i.e. cheating) going on here

Marcus battling with traffic on the bike

Agata on the bike

Marcus on the run

Agata on the run

Agata finishes her first Olympic distance triathlon A great time for her and she was truly a very happy bunny.

Proud finishers: Trace, marcus and Agata

Our team Volcano triathlon finishers dinner

The Volcano Triathlon 2010 winners take to the stage

Our luxury Citroen C3 hire car

Agata the art critic at Castil San Jose gallery

Time is short. Agata and Marcus are forced to use the secret transporter to come home

Boo hoo . We are back home. We dream of a longer trip next time

Full Picasa web album including high-res photographs
YouTube video diary (requires authorisation, email for access)