Saturday, May 29, 2010

European Vision: Germany First, United Kingdom Last

I can almost hear the cat calls of "Bl**dy Germans" ringing out across the British Pub Landscape.

You see the Germans have just won the Eurovision Song contest 2010. I did rather fall in like with this entry because it's a simple, uncomplicated song, with no exaggerated special effects on stage, or overly pretty female and over pronounced six pack male dancers smiling furiously like their life depended on it.

So congratulations to Germany, besides having the strongest economy in Europe, the least debt, a Chancellor who has Scientific roots (Physics), you now also lay claim to Eurovision.

Meanwhile the British entry was a song by veritable Peter Waterman (still alive then?), and Josh, a nice 19 year old Essex boy, with a song called "That sounds good to me".

We got a total of 10 Eurovision points. We were last.

What were they thinking?

Let's get back to Lena, please