Thursday, January 14, 2010

What you can do

Never let what you can't do block what you can do

I think this is the phrase that comes to my mind almost exactly one year after my fateful fall in the snow in January 2009.

After a little over 3 months of agonizing pain in my arms preventing their movement, and even sustained sleep (I could not lie down) the pains receeded. However since May 2009 though the pain was gone the paralysis in both my left and right hands has not improved, at all. No change. Nothing.

This means amongst other things ...

An inability to perform any fine hand motions involving pickup of any small object.

Certain movements e.g. certain right rotations are not possible with the left hand or forearm.

Writing with the left hand is now impossible and writing in the right hand difficult (I fail Credit Card signature checks now). It would be impossible to play my violin and accurate typing is now a thing of the past. Just some random examples.

The good news then if any is that since I'm now "between contracts" I've decided to step up the daily exercise regime. Forget 1-2 hours. I think 2-3 hours could be achieved.

So it is more running, more swimming and more hand exercises and self Physio. Let's see if this can positively restore my total health back to normal.