Monday, January 15, 2007

Tadeus Majzel 1934 - 2007

On Friday, January 12th 2007 I received the tragic news that Tadeus Majzel was no more. He had written a simple paper note "Just gone out shopping, back soon". However as he walked down the stairs he collapsed and was found dead shortly after.

When mum got home she found a policeman waiting and it became clear this was no ordinary house call.

Like all gifted Engineers Tadeus leaves behind in his wake a bewildering collection of tools, components and nick nacks. Artefacts he used to work miracles for us. Tools that now sit lifeless out of his hands. Like a chef who can summon up a delicious meal from what appears to be left overs I will never forget how he single handed turned the shell of an apartment into a place we delight in calling our home. From the flooring, to the electrics, to fitting the bathroom, he turned his hand to everything. Initially he didn't have all the skills required but sheer talent, perseverance, and dedication made it all happen.

All families have their differences and ours was no exception, but from deep inside me a shaky voice says: Tadeus I miss you greatly and I was proud to call you dad.