Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The NSX Supercar

I think my computers are taking on an intelligence beyond my own. I was just searching the Multimedia Lounge PC and found several unexpected videos lurking around. NSX Race

Which reminds me, why did I sell my NSX?

Humphrys in search of God

John Humphrys is a controversial and somewhat abravsive presenter. See his wikipedia entry.

Humphrys is an
atheist, but has an unfulfilled desire to believe in God. He is currently presenting a BBC Radio 4 programme where he talks to various religious leaders to try and restore his faith

Listen to the latest episode here Main Website

MacBook, to buy or not to buy that is the question

I desperately need to migrate my current main laptop onto a Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 platform. So me thinks a new Laptop is required.

Most of my computers are now converted to 64bit, be it XP 64bit, 2003 Server 64 bit etc. So I'd like a 64bit capable laptop platform also. So here is the current quandry

Requirement: New 64 bit laptop platform for day to day use

Desirable features:
Screen resolution 1920 x 1200 on 15" or larger screen
DVI dual link output to drive 2560x1600 flat panels
Removable DVD drive to reduce weight
Strongest and Lightest Platform possible
Ability to run Mac OS and Linux
Ability to add extra internal hard disk to run SAP
Able to use Virtualisation Software
No numeric key pad!
2 button mouse on touchpad and nipple if possible
User upgradable parts e.g. Hard disk, memory
3 year warranty

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo User Guide Devn15 Devn17 Cat Toy Inside

So overall I'd like a MacBook. The main benefits are it can run Mac OS and the Dual link DVI output can drive a high res flat panel. On the downside though, the price is shockingly high, the unit is not as expandable as the competition, the screen resolution is shockingly low, you dont get a 3 year warranty, and Apple has a habit of obsoleting their products very quickly these days.

Hmm. so maybe I would be better off buying a Mac Mini as a toy, and a Core 2 Duo HP Laptop. I still can't decide!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

And SO we started a blog

This is the first ever post submitted after a Saturday night jaunt to Starbucks